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Courses and Culture

Have you ever contemplated why your students attend school? The reasons are countless! Some show up to see their friends; others to see teachers. But, have you ever considered just how much your course offerings can impact your students, their willingness to attend school, and their desire to […]

The Power of Seven

Empowering our students with the skills necessary to overcome adversity is crucial to their success, not just in school, but for the rest of their lives. Too often students quit playing a sport, give up on a difficult assignment, or drop out of school because it is just […]

Ensuring All Students Belong

According to Evie Reid (Education Week, June 2017), “Students pick up signals from their schools and peers about whether or not they belong, perceptions that can affect their success both inside and outside the classroom.” As a classroom teacher, I observed many students every year that struggled with […]