Who Dreams About Being Average?

Half of the school year is over. How is your school culture? Have you had a check-up recently?

Do students love coming to your school? What does your attendance data look like this school year? Do your faculty and staff enjoy working at your school? Do parents feel comfortable calling you with questions and concerns? Do your students smile while they’re at school? What kind of rapport do your teachers have with your students? Are your students learning? Do your students and staff feel safe at your school?

After reflecting on these questions, what is your diagnosis? Mediocrity or excellence? Is your school culture average or are you hitting it out of the park?

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As I have reflected on 2018, I have personally relished in our school’s many successes and looked among our challenges for opportunities to become better at what we do.  We may never have the perfect students, parents, administrators, teachers, school, master schedule, etc. but we do have the opportunity to experience greatness.  We have an opportunity to rise above mediocrity every day.

Who dreams about being average?  Not me, and I’m sure not you.  I don’t want to be an average leader, and I don’t want you to be average at what you do.  2019 is a brand new year to make a difference, to make our schools the place where students want to beat down the door to get in, to make a life-changing impact on who and what our students become, and to make our classrooms inviting, challenging, and engaging.

As you move forward in 2019 make a choice to be the opposite of mediocre or average. Make a choice to be excellent, superior, top-notch, exceptional, first-rate, etc. because that is who you are!!! I am so grateful to work in a profession that makes life-changes happen for students every day.

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This blog was written by Dr. Connie Franklin. Dr. Franklin has over 20 years in education with 15 years as a school administrator at the middle school and high school levels. Before moving into administration, Dr. Franklin taught business education and was an instructional technology specialist.

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