Make every day magical!

Untitled design (1)What is that one thing you can focus on in your school that will improve student achievement, school safety, staff and student attendance, student engagement,  staff morale, decrease discipline, and increase graduation rate all at the same time? If you said, school culture, you are right! It isn’t magic but it truly can work like magic right before your eyes. It is honestly hard to believe one thing can make such a big difference.  But it is true. Improving your school culture can have a magical effect on your students and staff.

Although focusing on school culture works like magic on improving every aspect of school improvement, it is not magic. It takes effort and an intentionality.  In this blog, my awesome assistant and I will share strategies we have implemented to create a magical school culture. A positive school culture is genuinely the one common denominator that can make your school the place where students want to break down the door to attend.

Magic (2)

Subscribe to our blog where we will share strategies, insight, inspiration, and success stories about creating a magical school culture.  Just to keep it real, many of our successes started out as failures but the desire to create a little magic for our students drives us to persevere, step out of our comfort zone, and be intentional about making our school a place that changes the lives of our students for the better.  Our goal in starting this blog is to keep getting better at building our school culture, to share what we have learned (the good, the bad, and the ugly) with other school leaders, and to learn new approaches from our subscribers about making every day magical for every student and staff member.  One thing is for sure; intention + action = magic.

This blog was written by Dr. Connie Franklin. Dr. Franklin has over 20 years in education with 15 years as a school administrator at the middle school and high school levels. Before moving into administration, Dr. Franklin taught business education and was an instructional technology specialist.

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